Welcome to Connors Fall River Travel Bureau's web site. We'd like to introduce you to our uniquely "Fall River" travel agency. Our agency today reflects our varied and extensive history in the travel business in this former New England mill town. We are actually two of the city's oldest and most reputable agencies, recently merged into one.
Fall River Travel Bureau forms one part of our agency. Opened in 1906, Fall River Travel was owned and run by Morris Feitelberg, a Latvian immigrant who came to Fall River to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. In 1930, his son Henry succeeded Morris. During that same year, Connors Travel Bureau was established, only the second travel agency to begin operations and flourish in this city. Throughout the following years, these two businesses forged strong community ties and continued to maintain their positions as the leading travel bureaus of Fall River.
Fall River Travel remained in the Feitelberg family until the recent association with Connors. The Feitelbergs have long been recognized as an active, reputable and well known family in Fall River. In fact, the agency's first customers were primarily immigrants, who would come to Fall River to work in the textile mills. For example, one family member would come to Fall River from Europe, and then would send for his relatives in Europe to join him. Naturally times have changed. As Fall River's economy

has changed, Fall River Travel has adapted and continues to thrive.
Connors Travel Bureau has also grown steadily since its start in 1930. However, this part of our current agency grew under the direction of several families throughout the years: the Connors, the Piela's, the Sullivan's and now the Silva family. Connors Travel has always been a mainstay and a model for community businesses. In 1996, Connors Travel Bureau received the Excellence in Performance Award from the Small Business Development Center, for it's sixty-six years of service and growth in this area.
In 1996, under the direction of Luis and Azelia Silva, Fall River Travel and Connors Travel have been combined to form Fall River's most experienced travel bureau. We continue to maintain both former agencies' commitment to personal, professional service. Jeanne McNally Peladeau, formerly of Fall River Travel, assists us in the management of our agency and in the service of our customers with her forty years of practical experience in this business.
With one hundred and fifty years of combined travel experience and knowledge of this community, we at Connors-Fall River Travel are able to offer among the most efficient and affordable travel services in this region. We will build on our past, and continue to make improvements, in the interest of our customers, for the future. You can be confident when you travel with us!


“Singe the time i travel with Connors, no other Agency makes me more happiest. I feel secure with the people's Agency and i realy can trust them”

-Duarte de Albuquerque, Consultant

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