Portugal is a paradise for every kind of golfer, for here they will find courses set in all manner of different and breathtaking landscapes. There is an ever increasing supply of golfing venues, with new courses appearing on a cyclical basis. All of them have a high level of aesthetic and logistical quality, being specially designed to satisfy the most demanding golfers - which explains why each year Portugal hosts three important tournaments in the European professional's circuit: the Portuguese Open in the Algrave, the Madeira Open and the Estoril Open.
The establishment of golf as a regular sport in Portugal was directly linked to the creation of the first golf club at the end of the 19th century: the Oporto Nib licks Club. Although the country's first golf course was in fact built by a Scottish hotel-owner at Praia da Rocha in the Algarve, the golf played in Portugal in the first half of the 20th century was basically limited to four clubs. Nowadays, however, there are more than 50 courses in Portugal, whilst there are also quite a few more under construction and several others that are due to open shortly. Come and discover them for yourself!
The Azores is a true paradise for nature lovers. In the fanciful forms of its blue lakes smothered in flowers. In the lofty peaks of its mountains with overwhelming views across the land and out to sea. In the deep verdant craters of its dormant volcanoes. In the breathtaking landscape that has maintained its natural purity. Rediscover a pastoral tranquility, the melody of silence. For holidays that will remain a lingering memory.
Situated on the outskirts of Europe in the middle of the 

Atlantic, each island of the Azores is home of a myriad of landscapes and peoples of long-standing traditions who live at one with nature.
Sao Miguel, the largest island, boasts three beautiful lakes -Sete Cidades, Fogo and Furnas -the hustle and hustle of Ponta Delgada. To one side, with its magnificent cliffs covered in vineyards from the bay of Sao Lourenco, you'll discover Santa Maria, the chapel of Angels where Columbus prayed upon his return from the discovery of America.
The centre of the Azores harbors a cluster of five islands. The history of Terceira island is reflected by Angra do Heroismo, the first European city founded in the Atlantic and which has been awarded world heritage status by UNESCO.
Faial displays the blue fresco of its flowing hydrangea, the ideal port of welcome for voyaging sailors. Straight ahead a mountain rises up from the ocean, the dramatic outline of Pico Island and its whaling tradition. The vibrant green pastures, plots of land jutting out into the sea -typical Azorean fajas -at the base of towing cliffs are the natural setting for Sao Jorge. The small island of Graciosa has a mysterious lake at the bottom of a volcanic cavern, and surrounding fields covered with vines where windmills wave their outstretched arms.
Flores, a blooming garden surrounded by sea; the perennial charm of lakes carved out by angry volcanoes. Corvo, a curious miniature island, is crowned by a beautiful large crater.
Visiting the Azores is like returning to a primeval paradise where man and nature come together as one to create eternal beauty.


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